Holiday Light Sliders is a FAST, EASY, SIMPLE, ATTRACTIVE  way to hang exterior holiday lights 


 an even simpler method of removal and storage.

Holiday Light Sliders makes holiday light decorating easy.

 Hang exterior decorative lights in minutes along roof lines and eaves, around garages, doors and windows or on patios and gazebos.

Faster, safer and  far more attractive system than using staples, cuphooks, nails, screws, etc.

Each track kit contains everything needed to install 32 feet of lights. 


The track permanently mounts, is small and inconspicuous and can be  painted to match existing décor. 

It can be attached to wood, metal, vinyl, stucco or masonry.  Can be screwed on (screws provided) or glued on (glue not provided). 


The clips snap on the wires of the owner's current holiday light strings. 


Snap the provided clips on the light strings. The rounded top of the clip slides into the track and by sliding the clips along the track, the lights are pulled into place.

Insert the cam locks into the track and turn, locking the light strings tightly in place and holding them straight. 


When the lights are removed, the clips are pulled in reverse and slipped onto the section of saved/uninstalled track so they can be stored tangle free and ready to go for next year. Lights can be conveniently stored by hanging in a garage or closet. 

It can be used for multiple season holiday lights including Independence Day and Halloween or other special occasion lights.   

Parts List: 

a) Light Track 

b) Storage Track 

c) Track Connector 

d) Light Clip 

e) Cam Lock) Screws   

Track Kit Includes:  

32 Feet of Track 

One Storage Track (holds 32 feet of lights) 

32 Light Clips 

4 Cam Locks 

8 Track Connectors 

30 Screws 

Installation Instructions Track Dimensions 4' x 1/2" x 1/2" 

Track made of PVC Plastic with UV light inhibitor   


When used and installed as directed the components of this product are warranted for one year against any defect in workmanship 

and will be replaced upon verification. Contact KMOR Innovations, Inc., P.O. Box 26446, Phoenix, AZ 85068-6446


Fast and Easy   

Hang holiday lights in minutes  

Simply pull lights along track

Universal Fit   

Adapts to any type of decorative light strings  

Conforms to most buildings architectural features  

Cuts to fit any length  

Goes around corners and roof peaks  

Attaches to wood, Stucco, metal   and other surfaces   

Reusable for any holiday season    

Attractive, Inconspicuous track paints to match  

Professional light display  

No more sagging light strings  

Beats nails, staples, cup hooks    

Time Savings, Saves hours hanging your lights Year after year    

Safer, Less ladder climbing 

No risk from damaged wires    

Storage included   

Lights store tangle free and ready to go for next year,

  Storage track included 

Fast and Easy, hang holiday lights in minutes, Simply pull lights along track