Track Installation

Tools Needed

- Phillips Screwdriver, #2 Point 

- Tape Measure. 

- Step Ladder. 

- Cutting Tool (Box Cutter or Hand Saw) 

-Marking Pencil. 

-Drill with 3/32" bit(Recommended, but optional)

-Miter Box (Optional, but recommended if corners are needed.   

Safety Precautions  

- Do not use this product for other than intended purpose. 

- Contains small items. Keep away from children. 

- Use safety glasses during track installation. 

- Avoid overhead power lines during installation. 

- Operate any power tool used during installation in accordance with manufacturer's guidance. 

- Always use ladders as instructed by manufacturer. 

- Follow all safety instructions on light set instructions. 

- Always hang lights unplugged to avoid electrical shock. 

Step 1. Plan Track Installation  

- Determine where you want to hang lights. 

- Measure the area and utilizing the length of your light string(s) finalize your plan. 

- Determine number of track sections required. Each section is 4 feet in length. 

- If making corners, determine miter angle needed.


Step 2. Insert Connectors

- Insert metal track connector (center flange up) into small slot at top of track in one end of track section.
- Inserting connector may require wiggling and light pressure to accomplish.


Step 3. Attach Track 

(to materials suitable for use of screws such as wood or aluminum).

-  Predrill 3 holes in the top (opposite the slot) of each section of  track using a 3/32” bit. Use the centering slot as a guide to drill.  Drill holes approximately 2” from each end, and one near the middle of  the section.Note: Screws can be started directly into the plastic track  with a light tap on the handle of the screwdriver, but it is easier with  a drilled starter hole.

 -  Using a ladder, hold the first section in place on the eaves, door  frame, beam, etc , where you choose to start. Place track with slot down  on eaves or beams, and slot out as applicable on doorways or Windows 


-  Insert a screw in the center hole and tighten, then in the first hole  and tighten. Leave the last hole until adding the next section.

- Using  light pressure slide the next section onto the metal connector already  in place on the previously installed section and insert screws in the  following order: in the center hole of the new section, in the last hole  of the previous section, and the first hole tightening each as you go.  Make sure sections line up exactly.

- Repeat until fully installed.

-  When a corner on the same plane is encountered, cut (miter) track to  fit tightly. Shims may be necessary in some instances to make corners  match exactly. Insert screws in track approximately 2” each direction  from corner.

 -  Track may be painted to match surface on which it is mounted. Cover  slot side of track with 1/2” masking tape before painting so as to not  interfere with the sliding ability of the clips after painting. Painting  can be done before attaching track or after it is in place. 


CHECK OUT THE INSTALLATION VIDEO or call us with your questions